I’ve had the distinct pleasure of using this company. These gentlemen did an awesome job on our white PVC fence. They were prompt, efficient and professional, and quite frankly their pricing was much less than I expected. I highly recommend Ark SoftWash!!!!
- Randall G.

Exceptional service and quality work. The entire work they did on the home restored it to pristine condition. Aaron and team are the best in the business.

- Built On Rock

Aaron and Rick are amazing. Their process followed exactly as they told us. The quote was incredibly detailed, they showed up with everything clean and looking good. When they started they are so detailed and thorough. My favorite part is they stopped half way to evaluate their process and how it is looking. I had them clean a historic building that is roughly 120 years old so we wanted to make sure there were no issues and they rose to the occasion. They taped up all the spots that could be effected by water, they were very specific of what part of the building had chemicals on it and rinsed areas several times to avoid any contamination. Even if a car drove by they would stop to ensure no overspray got on anything it shouldn’t be. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND ARK SOFTWASH. You won’t be disappointed.

- Eric

I had my gutters cleaned by another company 6 months ago, and my gutters didn’t look half as good as they look now. I would highly recommend this company to my friends and neighbors.

- Theresa R.

The guys were extremely professional and took the care to ensure the chemicals did not damage our landscaping. They did an awesome job cleaning my roof, and my gutters look like new. Highly recommend.

- Jeff Z.

I don’t usually give 5 stars for reviews, but that was before I met Aaron and Rick from Ark SoftWash. My roof was in desperate need of cleaning, and I must confess that Aaron and Rick brought back the red glow. Also, my white privacy fence was brought back to the shining luster it had when I purchased it. The professionalism, courtesy and friendlessness of this up-and-coming company are exemplary. They went above and beyond what I expected. Not cheap, but well worth the money. I’m a believer that you get what you pay for. Give me good workmanship, and I don’t mind paying a few bucks more than the cheaper guys, who do a half### job! Thanks, guys, for a job well done!!!

- Robert B.

Ark SoftWash did an amazing job on the roof of our extended back porch/lanai. It was night and day from grimy to bright white. It looks brand new. They didn’t even have to walk on my roof. I highly recommend them for all your roof or exterior cleaning needs.

- Doris S.

Ark SoftWash came and did a soft wash treatment to our house. The roof looks new again, and our white privacy fence went from a yellow/greenish to full white color, and the front of our house looks like it was freshly painted! A great experience, and I can’t recommend them enough.

- Juan

Great roof cleaning. We were so impressed. The team was amazing. We loved the customer service. Keep up the good work.

- Larry

Aaron and Rick did an excellent job of explaining the process, and the results are beautiful. I would recommend them to anyone who wants a job well done.

- Ed D.

Amazing service, friendly and respectful people. We are happy for the high0quality job you have done at our house.

- Jose A.

Amazing service that has made my house look great. Ark SoftWash was very responsive, and they not only do good work but come out and do a quality inspection after to confirm everything is perfect.

- Clifford W.

I was absolutely impressed with this company! They brought my old roof back to life. They were very professional with an attention to detail. It was a great value for the results!

- Joe E.

Ark SoftWash was just what I needed to remove the green algae from my white-framed, screened patio structure. The algae growth and pollen film is completely gone, and the screen structure looks brand new once again. Ark SoftWash cleaned my gutters and windows and achieved the same dazzling results. They protected the shrubs and patio furniture and cleaned up after the job was completed. I highly recommend Ark SoftWash; their service and professional manner is exceptional.

- Hugh S.

Way better than pressure washing. My roof was covered in algae and even moss, so I was worried that pressure washing might damage my shingles. I called Ark SoftWash and, and they came out and gave me a detailed estimate. We decided to go with them, and the results speak for themselves. Like a new roof thanks to Ark SoftWash!

- Andrew F.